Going Full-Time Business Woman

What a whirlwind these last few months have been.  I have been noticeably absent from this blog for longer than I would care to admit, (but there is a digital trace if you are inclined to know the exact amount of time).  However – it is for good reason!  Since November when I had the foggiest notion that I was going to start a business I have allowed myself the opportunity to figure out an actual business plan.  It is fine and dandy to say “I am going to sell greeting cards,” but what does that actually mean?  Who is going to buy them?  How am I going to market them?  What is my cost and what can I sell them for?  These are by no means exclusive questions: every business person ever has had to confront these head on.  While I am still learning the answers I have made at least one lap around the track.  I am returning to my blog as I thought it an appropriate time to update the listening world on my progress before I started the next go-around.

Last we spoke, (don’t we sound like old friends catching up over coffee?), I had started a part-time job at a stationary store and quit my full-time job as an Event Manager.  Because I apparently like to make dramatic life changes right before my birthday, my last day at my part-time job is Friday.  This means that I will be a full-time business woman before I fall into the ugly side of my twenties.  I don’t know the exact moment that birthdays stopped being fun, but I am pretty sure it was at 22.

I will never fail to be grateful for the safe space I had to take time and figure out my plan.  Working at the stationary store inspired, guided, and informed my path.  While the income was small and I am oh so tempted to hold tight, my boyfriend made a brilliant point that I need to have a fire under my ass to really get things going.  Nothing says “terrifying” like no guaranteed income.  Besides lighting the fire, I have come to realize I need all of my time to make this work.  I can no longer sit in the comfort of: when I get this done I will do that.  The moment is do or die.  If my business is going to succeed it is because I will take out the “when” and make it “now.”

So what is to come?

In the past few months I have been working on designing and producing inventory.  Next up is publishing my website, which I am looking to launch the last week of April, (same time my business cards come in!)  After that, or concurrently, is client outreach for invitations.  And during this time and always, I will be designing, producing, learning, changing, evolving.

I know I am doing something right.  Every day I wake up inspired and excited.  Facing the unknown is of course terrifying, but so was driving on the freeway when I was 16.  Now I drive on the freeway without thought and I know that the fear of going out on my own will abate as I continue to practice embracing it.  If there’s something that birthdays are good for it is looking at the luggage of your past years and unpacking the content into your soul.  I don’t have to be afraid of change because I face change every day, and survive.  I don’t have to be afraid of failure because the times I slipped I always got up.  With this freshness I approach year 26 and a brand new adventure.

Speaking of birthdays, I am excited to present a card that will be available through my regular inventory: Let Them Eat Cake.  Perfect for a birthday, high tea invitation, or your favorite Marie Antoinette wannabe, this card is now available on my limited Etsy site!


Let Them Eat Cake

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