Setting Sail – a Boutique Gift Guide for Father’s Day


To celebrate Father’s Day and the upcoming Summer Solstice, we created a nautical inspired card and gift basket certain to please the adventurer at heart.  A touch briny with some “hair of the dog” and whimsy, our collection will whisk even land-locked sailors to the Pacific shore.

When selecting gifts we decided to focus on Los Angeles local, artisan products, (just like us!).  Our new favorite find, The Los Angeles County Store, has what might be the most exciting selection of local products.  If you are interested in purchasing any of the recommended gift items you can do so via their site, or if you live in the Los Angeles area they are located right off Sunset in Silverlake.

Choosing Father’s Day gifts commercially tends to fall within a bit of cliche – a new grill, tools, television, or fancy toys.  While these are all great ideas, to us a gift should set a sense of tone and place.  Something that, when the recipient looks upon them, takes them to a special memory and evokes a warm sense of nostalgia.  For this reason, we LOVE gifting artisan food items.  Nothing quite evokes happiness like taste.

For the father’s who are unable to celebrate beach-side, we are bringing the beach to them with Olimila’s Gourmet Pacific Sea Salts and Bloody Buddies Spicy Cocktail Pickled Veggies.  All you need is tomato juice and vodka and you are sipping Bloody Mary’s on your yacht.  For the dad’s who prefer a summer ale, Gary Silk’s Bamboo Bottle Opener does the trick, (and does it well).  Using a nail and magnet, this bottle opener catches the bottle lid after it smoothly pops off.

If you have a father who is a bit more hands on, we discovered Maker’s Kit in Los Angeles where you can build your own terrarium.  After creation, these miniature gardens bring life to any room or work space, and they are EXTREMELY low maintenance.  We were hesitant before buying our own garden because we managed to kill a succulent once, but the care instructions for air plants are so straight forward, (submerge the plant root in water for 10 minutes once a week), it would be impossible to mess up.  Air plants are extremely popular right now because they can live in any environment, (this means, seaside, too).  They do not require rooting soil and thrive in indirect sunlight.

To create our own nautical scene, we had a great time choosing our plants and decorations a la carte, including geodes, moss, and pebbles to add dimension. For those who are unable to visit the shop or prefer a more straightforward design the Maker’s Kit packages contain all the essential decorative items you need for your own miniature garden.

Lastly, to tie everything together, we selected Cavallini’s Hemisphere Map Wrapping Paper with hemp cord to set the stage for the gift, (this paper is even featured in our greeting card).  And, for a lasting memory of a special day, our Father’s Day greeting card can be framed!  Your sweet sentiments will be forever remembered with a sea-side scene.