Wedding Wednesday: Blush, Sepia, Copper

We are so excited to offer a new weekly feature on our blog/Pinterest/Instagram: Wedding Wednesday, (because we all need more alliteration in our lives).  Each week we will share an inspiration board drawing from an invitation or Cecile’s collection, (we already started our “First Comes Love” board – go check it out!)  These posts are intended to serve as a cohesive inspiration source based on a color or theme.  The Internet is a vast place so we are here to provide a tailored experience.  If you like an image be sure to check out the original vendor – they know how to do it best!


Weddings are by nature thick with romance.  A good design will reinforce the already present romance without smacking it across your face with overly-saturated decorations.  When Nicola and James began to describe their vision of a rustic, vintage, and romantic affair we were immediately pairing the soft hues of blush with the dynamic brights of copper.



We worked to fuse both styles by creating a “rustic rose.”  The watercolor and pencil base adds deconstructed whimsy while the copper hardware offers an aged and dynamic feel.

The text is printed in sepia on watercolor paper while their names are heat embossed in copper and layered on watercolor cutouts.  Each “rose” is hand painted and individually crafted.


Photo: Duke Photography; Event Coordination: David Pressman Events; Venue: The Peninsula, Beverly Hills


This was a special wedding that we actually had the chance to be a part of back in our Event Planning Days.  The Bride envisioned a table lined with flowers and lit only by candles – and viola!  We have two long tables flooded with flowers and glimmering with candle light.  One of the best tips to consider when using candles is to use long taper candles as well as small tea lights – the difference in height will create a soft glow while softening shadows and makes for the best Instagram lighting.  This way, your guests will look as good as the table and you can avoid a flooded flash feature.


Not only are Moscow Mules delicious, the copper mugs that they are served in make for thoughtful favors.  Engrave them with your wedding date and your guests can relive their hangover long after the wedding is over.  Alternatively, each mug can be placed at the table as place settings/individual centerpieces.  Click here for the Rosemary/Grapefruit Mule.


Naked cakes are hot right now – and it’s not just because they are in the flesh.  They are effortlessly chic and rely on flowers to be the star.


Pair these blush chargers with copper silverware and ivory plates.  Done.


Family photos are not only decorative, they help share the story of your love and make your members feel included.  As most vintage photos were sepia toned or black and white, the history speaks for itself!  There is no need to make modifications or splurge on expensive frames – the more mix-matched the more eclectic!

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