Custom Card Giveaway: Episode 1

You know those combinations that seemed so strange at first, but once combined become an outrageously amazing pairing?  Take Korean and Mexican Food.  There is not a single overlapping ingredient but then you fuse them together and bam! Korean Taco Trucks are scattered from Santa Monica to Downtown and we can’t get enough. So when my friend approached me about an idea for a custom card I was hesitant at first but inspired by the challenge.  Did you ever think that a motorcycle would be the focus for a “welcome baby” card?  Apparently Hallmark didn’t, and neither did I.  For some reason a death-defying vehicle and precious innocence aren’t immediate associations.  But I am so glad that she came to me with the request because I am really revved up on the results, (pun-ny).

I must admit, I struggled majorly with incorporating the two.  Not only could I not figure out an initial color scheme, (I bounced around between blues, greys, and purples), my limited knowledge of all things motorcycle proved to be a bit of a disadvantage.  Additionally, motorcycle motifs are not common in the crafting world, so I had to get creative.

Originally, when I was discussing the card with my friend she had four requirements/thoughts:

  • she is having a baby girl
  • her husband loves motorcycles
  • the card would be sent to the child’s future Godparents
  • she liked the idea of “girls can ride motorcycles, too”

From this I understood that she and her husband were about to have a kick ass baby and that a card with a bit of grit and a bit of softness would best suit the occasion.  1 part mechanical, 1 part whimsical, 1 part rustic, and 1 part “toddler’s in toyland,” this is my fusion of motorcycles and infancy:


Your New Favorite Passenger (Front View)
Your New Favorite Passenger (Side View)


From this project I got inspired for what I hope is to be my first running segment on the blog: Custom Card Giveaway.

Is there a special person in your life to whom you would love to send an even more special card?  Or are you really uninterested in picking up a greeting card for your boss’ nephew’s Bar Mitzvah?  Comment on this post and you could win a free, custom card!

Reply below: “Customize Me.”  A winner will be selected at random on Saturday morning and I will contact you privately to get the details for your one-of-a-kind card.  In two weeks your card will be sent to you, featured on the blog, and the drawing will begin anew.

I’m excited to transform your unique ideas into a card as rad as you!



3 thoughts on “Custom Card Giveaway: Episode 1

  1. You are beyond talented, gorgeous Pulpo! I really don’t want to win a customize card (since I’ve already experienced your greatness, it’s only fair for the rest of the world to be introduced to you!), but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t excited for my next birthday card from you! I LOVE YOU! Lets see…Octopus and Humming BIrds, Paris and Hawaii…I’ll give you that double pairing challenge…and you’ll have about 9 months to come up with something extraordinary! NOT A BABY YET THOUGH!


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